Selecting an Irrigation Contractor

What type of system do I need?

A good irrigation system is one that will take several factors into consideration. It should provide uniform head- to -head coverage. It should provide for climate controls such as rain, freeze, moisture, and wind sensors. It should be easy to maintain, and to adjust for seasonal changes. It should promote an efficient and conservative use of water.

What type of warranty should I expect?

The standard manufacturers and contractors warranty for most irrigation products and installations is one year on materials and workmanship. Ask for references.

Should I sign a contract?

State law does not require a contract. However, a responsible contractor should have no problem with an agreement that outlines the scope of the work, price, payment arrangements, and warranty period.

Will the contractor provide me with a design?

A copy of the “As Built” design should be required of the contractor. This will benefit you when making changes in your landscape or for irrigation system repairs. A design is not required for bidding.

Will the contractor provide the required permits?

Most water authorities require permits and inspections on all new irrigation system installations. The irrigation contractor may also be required to register in each city before he/she is allowed to obtain permits or call for inspections.

Is the contractor licensed?

The State of Texas requires that all Irrigators be licensed. Their license number should be posted on their vehicle, business card, all advertising including yellow pages, bids, designs and contracts.

How can I find out more about the Irrigators Licensing law?

Call the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission: 512-239-3708